Genesis PULSE Announces Partnership with RapidSOS

TYLER, TX — Genesis PULSE partners with RapidSOS to provide Public Safety with a single intuitive display that integrates real-time first responder positions with precise locations of 9-1-1 smartphone callers.

Genesis PULSE enhances CADs by simplifying dispatch, validating decisions, and enabling users to see everything. PULSE consolidates disparate systems and devices into a single intuitive display that is secure, real-time, customizable, filterable, replayable, reportable, and instantly accessible.

Adding RapidSOS data to the feature-rich PULSE display in public safety dispatch centers provides the opportunity for dispatch personnel and first responders to locate 9-1-1 callers quickly. PULSE shows first responders the fastest units to send to an incident, the fastest routes to get there, and now — through the partnership with RapidSOS — the ability to more accurately pinpoint a caller’s location, thus getting help to those who need it in less time.

"We’re so excited to bring in this valuable RapidSOS feature into our all-in-one solution," said Chad Richey, Genesis PULSE Product Manager. Richey continued, "Our customers depend on PULSE to help reduce response times, and this is just one more way for them to quickly locate those in need. We know PULSE users will be just as excited as we are about our newest partnership with RapidSOS."

"We are excited about the amazing work Genesis PULSE has done to integrate their products with the NG911 Clearinghouse," said RapidSOS CEO, Michael Martin. "Thanks to this announcement, we will be able to bring life-saving Apple device location data to Genesis PULSE customers using transformative NG911 Technology."


For more information, contact: Rachel Johnston, (903) 787-7400 or

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