Five-Star Friday – November, 2018

Product Spotlight: Azure Government

We migrated PULSE from Microsoft® Azure to Azure Government. This further enhances our security, redundancy, vault (cloud) certifications for data handling, and for our law enforcement customers — enhances our CJIS compliance and makes way for future features that require the Azure Government platform.

Tips & Tricks: Waze Road Closures

Add road closures to Waze in your service area directly from PULSE! PULSE provides a simple interface to add road closures in your service area that are live in Waze within minutes! No map editing skills or switching to another application are required to help first responders avoid these costly obstacles.

The PULSE Road Closures page allows you to view, create, and manage road closures entered via the Road Closures page.

Watch a tutorial video »

Bonus Tips & Tricks: PULSE Weather

Stay ahead of winter weather with PULSE Weather! This displays critical weather information in live tracking and historical replay. During weather events, dispatchers use PULSE to keep their units out of harm’s way and to better plan responses. After weather events, customers are able to Replay unit locations alongside weather to understand the complete response picture.

PULSE Weather provides information according to user preferences. There are three sections: Radar, Alerts, and Storm Cells. Each section has a legend to give the user the definition of the colors used for each option in a layer.

  • Radar — shows areas of precipitation. To enable it, toggle on Radar. You can select one at a time: Radar or Forecast.
  • Alerts — displays the alerts on the map using a specific color for each alert. You can enable all weather alerts or select unique alerts. Alerts can be displayed as filled polygons or outlines. Outlines is the default selection. Alerts can be set to display watches only, warnings only, or both.
  • Storm Cells — Provides observed and forecast data of storm cell direction. You can enable all storm cell combined or select specifics storm cells.

  • Genesis Gives Back: East Texas Food Bank

    This month several of our Genesis families came together to help fight hunger across East Texas by packing 13,200 meals to be served across our community for the East Texas Food Bank Senior Box Program. In East Texas, some seniors are forced to make tough choices between paying their utilities, buying life-saving medications or purchasing food.

    The goal of the Senior Box Program is to provide a free box of nutritious food to approximately 4,000 seniors each month in areas where they may have little or no access to food assistance. Over 473,000 members of our community are at risk of hunger.

    PULSE Events: Travel Log

    Thank you to everyone who stopped by to see us at EMS World in Nashville! It was wonderful to catch up.

    Be sure to come visit us at Texas EMS at booth #734 at the Fort Worth Convention Center November 18th & 19th.

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