Smith County Approves New Dispatch Software

Smith County, Texas – The Smith County Commissioners Court on August 14, approved new dispatch software that could be a “game changer” for emergency responders.

Chad Richey, product manager for Genesis PULSE, said it is a web-based, decision support software for emergency call centers. The program is designed to simplify the dispatch process, meaning faster response times for citizens who need assistance.

“It is a difference maker for 9-1-1 personnel and emergency response,” he said.

Smith County Chief Information Officer Don Bell said Genesis will be a great local partner to have to install and host the dispatch software solution.

Genesis PULSE, created by The Genesis Group, a Tyler, Texas-based company, includes a real-time tracking component. PULSE knows where first responders are located and through its integration with Waze, displays known road closures, traffic crashes, or weather alerts that could cause impediments during responses. With its RapidSOS integration, Genesis PULSE will display precise locations of 9-1-1 callers that are using an Apple device, enabling first responders to quickly locate them.

Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith said he believes the new software could potentially be a “game changer”. Now, the sheriff’s office has to contact the cell phone companies to ping someone’s phone to get their approximate location.

“PULSE is becoming mainstream in dispatch centers across the country,” Richey said.

County Judge Nathaniel Moran agreed that the program would be a game changer for the county’s law enforcement and emergency management personnel. He said the data would also help the county document when and where first responders are during FEMA response events.


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