Genesis PULSE enhances CADs so that our customers can save time, money, property, and lives by simplifying dispatch, validating decisions and enabling customers to see everything. PULSE is an all-in-one software tool featuring real-time live tracking & unit recommendations, recording & replay capabilities, reporting, mobile application, partnerships, detailed weather, integrations with Waze, RapidSOS, and Motorola radio locations.

PULSE is a CAD enhancement that bolts onto any CAD to make the job of dispatching and selecting the fastest resource simple. You will be able to instantly and quickly report, replay and analyze all resources system-wide. PULSE consolidates disparate systems into a visually intuitive display that integrates multiple CADS, tracks any device (CAD units, in-vehicle modems, Motorola radios, smart devices, etc.), incorporates custom layers along with third-party applications and eases the process of CAD migrations.

PULSE consolidates disparate systems and devices into a single intuitive display that is secure, real-time, customizable, filterable, replayable, reportable and instantly accessible.

Real-Time Live Tracking

View all vehicles and personnel that need to be tracked in a single intuitive display for at-a-glance confirmation that operations are as expected. Displaying active units and responses with the PULSE visual response clock makes it simple to track performance on critical responses.

PULSE Live is browser-based for instant accessibility from anywhere. With a Google maps-base that includes the satellite and traffic layers and the integration of a live Waze feed that displays traffic crashes, road closures and weather alerts it’s simple to see the most important information in real-time. Schedule a webinar to learn about the practically limitless flexibility of PULSE.

Real-Time Candidate Rankings

PULSE makes it simple to choose the fastest unit to respond to each incident because our Estimated Time Enroute (ETEs) calculations are the most accurate in any condition. For Candidate Rankings, PULSE live takes into account mode of travel (driving, biking, walking, etc.), road infrastructure, traffic, road closures, crashes, hazards, and weather when displaying a units ETE. This is significantly more accurate than as-the-crow flies and historical impedance data calculations. Our customers report that PULSE ETEs are on-point even in the most adverse weather and traffic conditions. Schedule a webinar to learn how PULSE candidate rankings are helping our customers to save time, money, property and lives.

Waze Road Closures

PULSE provides a simple interface to add road closures in your service area that are live in Waze within minutes! No map editing skills or switching to another application are required to help first responders avoid these costly obstacles. PULSE is the only application designed for emergency call centers that writes road closures directly into Waze. Schedule a webinar to learn about how to quickly add road closures to Waze via PULSE.





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