Five-Star Friday – May, 2018

Solution Highlight: Genesis PULSE Integrates Radio Locations

Genesis PULSE Integrates Motorola Radio Locations (via the Motorola IMW) into Live and Replay! Motorola Radio Location integration enables PULSE users to track vehicles and Motorola Radios on a single intuitive display that is secure, real-time, customizable, filterable, replayable, reportable and instantly accessible. Closely monitor vehicle and personnel positions to increase scene safety, simplify dispatching, validate decisions and see everything. Instantly view which first responders have activated their emergency button and their exact locations. Contact for more details.

Genesis Gives Back: Grace EmBEDded

Genesis is partnered with Pure Religion and their Grace EmBEDded ministry, which builds and delivers beds for foster homes. Nearly 1 in 3 foster care situations in our area of Smith County, Texas are impacted by the absence of a bed. To learn more about Pure Religion and their Grace EmBEDded Ministry, visit

Tips & Tricks: Radio Location PULSE Aliasing

Did you know that you can set an alias for radio assets directly in PULSE? While the Radio ID is set on the radio network, PULSE users can set the PULSE alias to what unit the radio is on/in during a shift to quickly identify who is on shift and their exact location. Radio asset aliases in PULSE can be changed as often as necessary and are instantly pushed out within PULSE.

Travel Log: Governor's Hurricane Conference

We enjoyed exhibiting at the 32nd Annual Governor’s Hurricane Conference in West Palm Beach, FL. It was great to speak with emergency managers across the southeast about how readiness is everyone’s job and what PULSE can do to help. To learn more, visit the PULSE website or contact us at

Upcoming Events : Mark Your Calendars!

  • Visit PULSE at Fire-Rescue Med June 11th & 12th at the M Resort in Henderson, NV. We will be in booth #609.
  • Register NOW for the Genesis PULSE Demo Webinar on Thursday June 14th at 3:00PM (Central) to learn how PULSE can enhance any CAD and track any device to help our customers save time, money, property, and lives.
  • Be on the lookout for the brand new Genesis PULSE website during the month of June!
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