Five-Star Friday – June, 2018

Hot Product Award: IAFC Recognizes Genesis PULSE as a Hot Product at Fire-Rescue Med 2018

We had a great time at Fire-Rescue Med. Thank you to the IAFC — The International Association of Fire Chiefs — for naming Genesis PULSE in Partnership with Waze a 2018 Hot Product! We enjoyed demonstrating the amazing things that PULSE customers are doing to improve response times in their communities.

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Announcement: Genesis PULSE Partners With RapidSOS

Genesis PULSE partners with RapidSOS to provide Public Safety with a single intuitive display that integrates real-time first responder positions with precise locations of 9-1-1 smartphone callers. Adding RapidSOS data to the feature-rich PULSE display in public safety dispatch centers provides the opportunity for dispatch personnel and first responders to locate 9-1-1 callers quickly. PULSE can integrate with any CAD and track any device to leverage the solutions you currently have, and add exciting new enhancements. PULSE shows first responders the fastest units to send to an incident, the fastest routes to get there, and now — through the partnership with RapidSOS — the ability to more accurately pinpoint a caller’s location, thus getting help to those who need it in less time.

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Solution Highlight: PULSE Partnerships

PULSE partnerships enable any PULSE customer to see any other PULSE customers if and when they want. It’s great for consolidating disparate systems, such as multiple CADs, for agencies that dispatch for outside agencies. It’s also useful for interagency cooperation and multi-agency coordination during day-to-day events. Imagine a scenario in which multiple agencies are responding into an outside jurisdiction and on-scene commanders are able to see exactly where everyone is and exactly how far away anyone not yet on scene is.

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Tips and Tricks: PULSE Partnerships — Call Handoff Time

PULSE Partnerships is great for consolidating disparate systems, such as multiple CADs for agencies that dispatch for outside agencies and can incorporate a call-handoff time into the estimated time enroute (ETE) display. This allows the dispatcher to know which unit will be fastest to arrive during any scenario.

After an emergency call is entered, PULSE makes it easy to see if your responders or a partner agency can respond faster based on the amount of time it takes to process the call through CAD, contact the neighboring agency, validate if they have a unit in the area, then hand the call over to that agency for dispatch. Call Handoff makes the process seamless and can shave minutes off of your response times.

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Genesis Gives Back: Children's Village

Children's Village exists to help children from Northeast Texas who are neglected, abused or homeless and need care. The Genesis Group is honored to partner with the Children's Village to support their wonderful programs. For over 30 years, they have provided 24-hour residential care in two family-style living homes on a rural campus setting along with two transitional living apartments. The homes are co-ed so they can serve sibling groups, so that they may stay together for support and security whenever possible.

Children's Village Website

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