Five-Star Friday – January, 2019

Register Now: January Sync Call Training Webinar

Our January Training Webinar Sync Call is on Thursday January 24th at 10:30 AM Central Time. We will be kicking off 2019 discussing RapidSOS integration along with Location & Time-Based Response Delay Zones (patent pending). Our PULSE experts will review how to use and apply these great features to your everyday operations and questions will be addressed at the end.

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On the Road Again: Connect With Us in Q1!

We look forward to connecting with you and your teams in Q1. Plan to visit with us at IWCE March 6-7 in Las Vegas and at various regional APCO & MTUG meetings.

If there is an event or meeting that you would like us to attend, please reach out to us at

Product Spotlight: RapidSOS Integration

Adding RapidSOS data to the feature-rich PULSE display into emergency call centers provides the opportunity for dispatch personnel and first responders to locate 9-1-1 callers quickly. PULSE shows first responders the fastest units to send to an incident, the fastest routes to get there, and now — through the partnership with RapidSOS — the ability to more accurately pinpoint a caller’s location, thus getting help to those who need it in less time.

Customers are able to seamlessly access and view RapidSOS data in PULSE. To enable this integration, contact No CAD upgrade or phone system upgrade is needed.

Once an incident goes to queue (ready for dispatch), PULSE will query RapidSOS for device-specific location details. If details are available, an icon will display in the RapidSOS column of the Active Responses panel and also on the map. PULSE will query for updated details every 30 seconds and up to 10 minutes after the first unit arrives on scene. The RapidSOS info window provides specific details about the callers location, including last location update, latitude, longitude, confidence level that the device is at the location indicated on the map and the nearest address to the latitude & longitude via reverse geocoding.

On the Horizon: Big Things Coming in 2019

In 2018, PULSE added the ability for dispatch personnel to create road closures to feed Waze & Google Maps, Motorola radio location integration, additional CAD integrations, RapidSOS integration and a migration to the Microsoft Azure Government cloud. We have even more in store for 2019 and look forward to the exciting new partnerships and features that are yet to come!

Genesis Gives Back: Holiday Giving

Genesis Gives Back is always one of the best parts of December. We had many busy elves around Genesis working with these great organizations:

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