Five-Star Friday – March, 2019

Register Now: March Sync Call Training Webinar

Our March Monthly Training Webinar Sync Call is on Thursday March 28th at 10:30AM Central. We will be discussing PULSE Weather. PULSE Weather enables customers to truly see everything, displaying critical weather information in live tracking and historical replay. During weather events, dispatchers use PULSE to keep their units out of harm’s way and to better plan responses. After weather events, customers are able to Replay unit locations alongside weather to understand the complete response picture.

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Catch Up: PULSE February Training Webinar Sync Call

Missed our February Monthly Training Webinar Sync Call on Road Closures and Stop Points? Stop Points show the actual location a responder needs to go to for a previously visited address, regardless of what your CAD map shows. We also discussed how to create Waze Road Closures in PULSE. Did you know that PULSE is the only application designed for emergency call centers that writes road closures directly into Waze through a simple, intuitive interface?

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Tips & Tricks: IMW Integration

Genesis PULSE Integrates Motorola Radio Locations (via the Motorola IMW) into Live and Replay! Motorola Radio Location integration enables PULSE users to track vehicles and Motorola Radios on a single intuitive display and to closely monitor vehicle and personnel positions and activity to increase safety. When first responders have activated their emergency button, PULSE instantly displays their exact location.

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Travel Log: Waze Summit

PULSE Product Manager, Chad Richey, also a Global Champ with the Waze volunteer community, spent a weekend in California at a Waze Summit. Chad presented on the importance of the PULSE-Waze partnership for public safety and the ways it's helping improve response times.

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Upcoming Events: PULSE at IWCE 2019 in Vegas

We look forward to catching up with you at IWCE in Las Vegas! You will find us demoing PULSE live at booth #935 on March 6th & 7th.

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