Five-Star Friday – November, 2017

Solution Highlight

Genesis PULSE customers across the country have experienced a measurable return on investment since implementing PULSE. Watch this short video to see just how much they’re saving. The numbers won’t disappoint.


Article of Interest

Genesis PULSE in partnership with Waze demonstrates the power of integrating Waze directly into the hands of emergency call centers and first responders. Read this short case study to see how often the Waze incident report beats the 9-1-1 call.

Waze Case Study

Genesis Gives Back

Genesis PULSE, which is powered by The Genesis Group, met at the East Texas Food Bank over the weekend and packed over 4,900 backpack meals for underprivileged kids in our community. Watch this short video and you can easily see the fun we have while giving back.

Travel Log

PULSE Product Manager and Waze Global Champ Chad Richey was in Israel for the Waze Global Meetup and PULSE Partner meetings. Chad’s week in Israel allotted him the opportunity to see some of the most amazing sites including Dinner at the Bedouin Tents in the Negev Desert overlooking Masada, trekking through Beit Guvrin National Park to the caves, and spending time in Jerusalem. He also had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with Noam Bardin, founder and creator of Waze, attend the Waze Global Meetup at the Waze Global Headquarters in Tel Aviv, and have some fun at Google Tel Aviv.

Tips & Tricks

Genesis PULSE displays End of Shift information directly next to the real-time candidate rankings and in the PULSE Live Vehicle Unit labels ensuring personnel is only entering into overtime when absolutely necessary. Learn more at Genesis PULSE Live.

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