Customer Case Study: Sunstar Paramedics

Sunstar Paramedics — part of the Paramedics Plus system — is the sole provider for ambulance services in Pinellas County, Florida. They respond to over 230,000 calls annually (according to 2016 data). Sunstar relies on Genesis PULSE for its decision support features for dispatch, its Replay and Reporting features for supervisory and administrative personnel, and the added benefits of our exclusive Waze integration.

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New Customer: MICCOM — Hackensack, NJ

MICCOM (Mobile Intensive Care Communications), based in Hackensack, New Jersey is the newest agency to add Genesis PULSE. MICCOM was formed in the mid-80s as a consolidated dispatch center for numerous health systems in northern New Jersey. With the number of ambulances being dispatched throughout their service area daily and the need for a robust reporting solution, Genesis PULSE was the perfect fit. Partnerships also allow MICCOM to see and share their resources with other surrounding public safety agencies and being across the Hudson from New York City, mutual aid responses can happen in a moments notice.

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New Customer: MedReach Ambulance – Los Angeles

Los Angeles — L.A. ambulance service MedReach becomes the latest to add Genesis PULSE to their operation. Providing non-emergency transport services to the Los Angeles region, MedReach needed a reliable software application to aid their personnel with decision support. With some of the worst traffic congestion in the US, providing facilities with accurate arrival times and allowing dispatchers to make better choices for unit assignment based on historical task times is paramount for providing the best customer service possible.

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Hearts and Heroes Day 2017

Hearts and Heroes Day - 2017

Genesis PULSE was a proud sponsor of Hearts and Heroes Day today at Harvey Hall Convention Center in Tyler, Texas, presented by Pineywoods Regional Advisory Council Trauma Service Area G. Congratulations to our customers who were Award Winning Heroes at Hearts and Heroes Day 2017:

  • Kenneth Webb with ETMC Regional Healthcare System — Hospital Regional Hero
  • ETMC EMS — EMS Heroes
  • Champion EMS — EMS Heroes

We appreciate everyone who visited us at the Genesis PULSE booth.


Genesis PULSE Welcomes Mercy EMS

Genesis PULSE proudly welcomes new customer Mercy EMS in Springfield, Missouri. In the words of Emergency Services Communication Center Manager Sonny Saxton:

"Genesis Pulse is an exciting enhancement to the pre-hospital care provided to our communities. The display of real-time unit location and status of our own resources and those of our emergency service partners provides a means to dispatch the closest most appropriate resource. In addition, the replay and analytic tools have reduced the amount of time spent gathering data elements for performance improvement activities.

It was a pleasure working with Chad and his team. They worked hard to meet our expectations and provided valuable training and support since our go-live."

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Genesis PULSE Welcomes Taney County Ambulance District


Completing their onboarding process just a few short weeks ago, The Taney County Ambulance District (TCAD) needed a solution that included the ability to see their nearby partner EMS agencies while still protecting their own data. Genesis PULSE, along with its Replay & comprehensive reporting capabilities, was the solution. "We are excited to welcome TCAD to the rapidly growing Genesis family", said Chad Richey, PULSE Product Manager. Richey continued, "It’s so great to travel to these centers and see how they want to constantly improve their processes and response times while continuing to provide the best patient care possible, which sometimes means calling a partner agency to respond. It truly is about patient care and not about boundary lines."

TCAD has served the citizens and tourists of Taney County & Branson, MO since 1977 and operates a fleet of up to 17 ambulances responding to approximately 11,000 calls for service annually.

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Genesis PULSE Welcomes Jersey City EMS

Genesis PULSE Welcomes Jersey City EMS as its newest customer!

Located in Hudson County, NJ, just across the river from Manhattan, Jersey City Medical Center EMS, part of the Barnabas Health System, responds to more than 90,000 incidents each year. JCMC EMS is a fast-paced and dynamic service that includes Basic and Advanced Life Support, special operations, neonatal transfers, critical care inter-facility transports, regional EMS communications, and much more!

When they say, ‘This is going to create such a positive transformation within our agency.’, it reminds me of how important our role is as a software company…
Chad Richey
PULSE Product Manager

Genesis PULSE is an ideal solution for the agency due to its asset tracking and monitoring allowing for increased situational awareness for the communications personnel as well as the highly acclaimed Replay feature, allowing for much more robust after-action reviews. Another feature that captured the eye of the management team was PULSE Reporting. Wanting to have near real-time data & analytics at their fingertips, PULSE was an obvious choice and with the ability to request custom reports, JCMC had exactly what they needed before installation was even complete and the PULSE program was live.

"It’s great to see another customer so satisfied with Genesis PULSE", says PULSE Product Manager Chad Richey. "When they say, ‘This is going to create such a positive transformation within our agency.’, it reminds me of how important our role is as a software company to continue innovating and providing exactly what the emergency services industry needs in order to reduce response times and save more lives. It’s truly my driving force."


Genesis PULSE Welcomes Careflite

Genesis welcomes our latest PULSE customer, Careflite, which serves the Dallas-Ft. Worth and North Texas area. Eric Callender, Director of Communications for Careflite: “We were looking for a product to aid in our response compliance while also aiding the Radio Controllers in their situational awareness. Being a non-profit organization, it was important to make sure we got a dependable product without spending an exorbitant amount of money.” Read more


Champion EMS Speaks Out on PULSE with Waze Integration

Our newest customer, Champion EMS, based in Longview, TX chose Genesis PULSE for its decision-support features for dispatch, its Replay and Reporting features for supervisory and administrative personnel, and the added benefits of our exclusive Waze integration. The value of the PULSE solution became immediately visible. Read more


Genesis PULSE Welcomes Champion EMS

Champion EMSGenesis PULSE welcomes Champion EMS of Longview, TX as a new customer. Champion EMS operates ground and air medical services across twelve counties in East Texas. Like many Genesis PULSE customers, Champion EMS was in search of an all-in-one solution to supplement their computer-aided dispatch software. They chose PULSE for its decision-support features for dispatch to the Replay and Reporting features for supervisory and administrative personnel and the added benefits of our exclusive Waze integration.
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