PULSE Reporting

On demand reports for real-time system feedback

PULSE Reporting Features

  • PULSE Reporting provides Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and on-demand reports which deliver real-time feedback on the health of a system or individual contract areas. This allows for supervisors to make appropriate changes right away in service areas where compliance may be borderline.
    • The Workflow Engine processes compliance and KPI violations. It then provides a simple way for dispatchers and administrators to provide reasons for which the violations occurred and submit their justifications for further review.
    • The Reporting Engine provides a predetermined set of static reports and live reports, as well as a way to create new static reports that meet the user’s specific needs.

Chute Times / Turnout Times

The PULSE Chute Times / Turnout Times Report enables supervisors to easily see what the actual “wheel turn time” was by vehicle or employee. This allows administration to quickly analyze if there are opportunities to make improvements and adjust accordingly.

Workflow — Late Call Report

For EMS services that have contractual obligations and want to better track late calls as they occur, Late Call reporting can be utilized. The report is also ideal for dispatchers and supervisors within agencies that have a late call review process.

168-Hour Report Heatmap

The 168-hour Report Heatmap provides a graphical representation of call volume where the individual values shown by hour of day / day of week are represented as colors. This allows administrators and demand analysis personnel to quickly and easily see peak demand times.

Scheduled Calls in Queue

A corresponding report for SCiQ (as seen on PULSE Live) can be accessed via the widget or directly through the Reports module. SCiQ can be viewed up to 14 days in advance. The report features large fonts for easy viewing in a daily PULSE review session and / or when displayed on a large screen. Additional filters for Response Zone & Priority are available.

Last Known Unit Positions

This Genesis PULSE® report locates inactive vehicles or vehicles currently in a stopped state. A particular vehicle is located in the right panel. Clicking that vehicle will cause the map to pan and zoom to its last known position.

  • Red dots are inactive vehicles
  • Green dots are vehicles that are active in CAD at the time the report was retrieved

“We were looking for a product to aid in our response compliance while also aiding the Radio Controllers in their situational awareness. Being a non-profit organization, it was important to make sure we got a dependable product without spending an exorbitant amount of money.”

Eric Callender, Director of Communications
Careflite, Grand Prairie, TX

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