PULSE Replay

Evaluate recent calls to ensure optimal future response

PULSE Replay Features

  • PULSE Replay allows for supervisors and administrators to evaluate calls — from single-unit to system-wide — to verify the closest, most appropriate unit was assigned or diverted to a response.
    • Replay can be done for a single unit up to all units so comparisons and focus can be adjusted.
  • PULSE Replay displays breadcrumbs of each unit’s route taken from the first AVL position update after the call assignment all the way to the scene. A route review can then confirm the fastest, most appropriate route was taken to the scene.

PULSE Replay Widgets

Replay displays all map widgets with their corresponding data, enabling the user to view and interact with the widgets just as a user would have in Tracking, making after-action reviews even easier and more conclusive.

“Genesis PULSE® is one of our favorite tools, and has significantly improved our response-times. We have literally redesigned many of our processes around the PULSE software.”

Jason Blum, Paramedic Field Supervisor
CoxHealth EMS