PULSE Weather

Displays real-time weather conditions

Weather Radar, Alerts, and Storm Cells are now available and visible in PULSE Live and PULSE Replay. Weather can be toggled on from the Layers menu and is visible at certain zoom levels. Radar can be viewed with updates occurring every 6 minutes. Forecast Radar updates hourly. A variety of Alerts (advisories) can be displayed on the map as well: Severe, Flood, Heat, Wind, etc. Storm Cells attempt to identify and track storm cell movement along with reporting cell intensity and certain severe weather signatures within the cell, like rotation and hail. The forecast track can be used to determine when and where a cell will affect a particular location or area.

PULSE Weather Features

  • Integration with PULSE Live Tracking:
    • Real-time weather radar overlay
    • Severe weather alerts and polygons
  • Integration with PULSE Replay:
    • Historical weather available in PULSE Replay for 30 days