Solution Highlight: PULSE Replay

PULSE® Replay helps to validate the decisions being made in and out of the field and enables customers to truly see everything during an after-action review. Replay displays all aspects of what was occurring system-wide at any point in time. This includes displaying active units, available units, traffic, weather, crashes, road-closures and much more. This is an excellent tool for after-action system-wide reviews, very useful in analyzing high-risk / low-frequency events such as extreme weather, multi-casualty incidents, etc.

More about PULSE Replay

Genesis Gives Back: National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week (April 8th – 14th, 2018)

We were honored to recognize our customers, or as we like to call them the heroes with headsets, during National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. We are incredibly grateful for the numerous sacrifices they make to be the heroes behind the scenes and the calm voice on the line during the worst of times. We were excited to be able to celebrate with some of these heroes during our travels throughout that week!

Tips & Tricks: Stop Points

Did you know you can set Stop Points in PULSE Replay? Stop Points show the actual location a responder needs to go to for a previously visited address. Once a unit is in the At Scene (or equivalent) status, a Stop Point can be set, allowing the next responder visiting that same address to locate it easily. This reduces response times to locations that have historically been challenging to find.

Travel Log: Northwest MTUG

To close out April, we presented at the Northwest Motorola Trunked User Group Meeting in Portland, Oregon. We enjoyed highlighting the benefits of our GenWatch3 and PULSE solutions. GenWatch3 monitors and proactively manages Motorola LMR systems by simplifying reporting, saving time and validating decisions. PULSE enhances CADs so that our customers can save time, money, property, and lives by simplifying dispatching, validating the decisions being made in and out of the field, and allowing users to truly see everything. It’s always a great time seeing our customers.

Upcoming Event: Governor’s Hurricane Conference

PULSE will be at the Governor’s Hurricane Conference May 16th & 17th at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Visit us at booth #603 to see how PULSE helped customers during Hurricanes Harvey & Irma with its live tracking weather overlay, Waze integration, road closures, partnerships, replay capabilities, mobile app and much more.