New Customer: MICCOM — Hackensack, NJ

MICCOM (Mobile Intensive Care Communications), based in Hackensack, New Jersey is the newest agency to add Genesis PULSE. MICCOM was formed in the mid-80s as a consolidated dispatch center for numerous health systems in northern New Jersey. With the number of ambulances being dispatched throughout their service area daily and the need for a robust reporting solution, Genesis PULSE was the perfect fit. Partnerships also allow MICCOM to see and share their resources with other surrounding public safety agencies and being across the Hudson from New York City, mutual aid responses can happen in a moments notice.

"We’re so pleased to welcome another customer in New Jersey to the Genesis family. It’s so exciting to go on-site at these locations and see their jaw-dropping reactions to what our software can and will do for them right out of the box! Genesis PULSE is such a feature-rich product, which is why it continues to be the decision support software of choice across the country.", said Chad Richey, PULSE Product Manager.

MICCOM Website