Genesis PULSE With Waze Presented in Paris

This week, PULSE Product Manager Chad Richey is a featured presenter at the Waze Connected Citizens Program Summit at Google HQ in Paris. Chad was invited by Waze CCP to demonstrate how Genesis PULSE® with Waze integration significantly reduces response times for emergency vehicles.

Data reveals that 70 percent of the time crashes are reported by Waze users an average of 4.5 minutes before they are called into emergency response centers through 911.

With the integration of Waze crowd-sourced data, Genesis PULSE has reported a significant decrease in response times. In one instance, a first responder was alerted to a crash 13 minutes before the same accident was called in to 911.

According to the FCC, a 1 minute decrease in the average ambulance response time would save more than 10,000 lives in the United States annually.