Waze Integration

A Partnership Over 50 Million Users Strong

Sharing Data is a Two-Way Street

Using Genesis PULSE® with Waze integration, emergency call centers can easily pinpoint traffic events, such as construction, congestion or accidents. Using this data, dispatchers can send emergency units along faster routes, avoiding delays. Furthermore, with the two-way data share, Waze app users are alerted to the same traffic events, allowing them to avoid delays.

Genesis PULSE with Waze integration means:

  • Decreased response times
  • Increased situational awareness for dispatch personnel and administrative staff
  • The ability to replay traffic events, such as road closures, traffic jams or construction

More about Waze

Going Mobile — Coming Soon!

The Genesis PULSE in-vehicle mobile app with Waze integration will provide first responders not only with current road conditions, but real-time, turn-by-turn navigation. All of the features of Waze and Genesis PULSE — combined in one powerful mobile interface.

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