Genesis Welcomes Rachel Johnston

Genesis is pleased to welcome Rachel Johnston as the Director of Sales and Marketing for Genesis PULSE. For the past 7 years, Rachel has worked for Motorola Solutions across their Public Safety and Commercial Markets. Rachel began her career at Motorola Solutions after graduating from the University of Illinois College of Business at Urbana-Champaign with a Degree in Marketing.

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Genesis PULSE Welcomes Jersey City EMS

Genesis PULSE Welcomes Jersey City EMS as its newest customer!

Located in Hudson County, NJ, just across the river from Manhattan, Jersey City Medical Center EMS, part of the Barnabas Health System, responds to more than 90,000 incidents each year. JCMC EMS is a fast-paced and dynamic service that includes Basic and Advanced Life Support, special operations, neonatal transfers, critical care inter-facility transports, regional EMS communications, and much more!

When they say, ‘This is going to create such a positive transformation within our agency.’, it reminds me of how important our role is as a software company…
Chad Richey
PULSE Product Manager

Genesis PULSE is an ideal solution for the agency due to its asset tracking and monitoring allowing for increased situational awareness for the communications personnel as well as the highly acclaimed Replay feature, allowing for much more robust after-action reviews. Another feature that captured the eye of the management team was PULSE Reporting. Wanting to have near real-time data & analytics at their fingertips, PULSE was an obvious choice and with the ability to request custom reports, JCMC had exactly what they needed before installation was even complete and the PULSE program was live.

"It’s great to see another customer so satisfied with Genesis PULSE", says PULSE Product Manager Chad Richey. "When they say, ‘This is going to create such a positive transformation within our agency.’, it reminds me of how important our role is as a software company to continue innovating and providing exactly what the emergency services industry needs in order to reduce response times and save more lives. It’s truly my driving force."


Genesis PULSE Welcomes Careflite

Genesis welcomes our latest PULSE customer, Careflite, which serves the Dallas-Ft. Worth and North Texas area. Eric Callender, Director of Communications for Careflite: “We were looking for a product to aid in our response compliance while also aiding the Radio Controllers in their situational awareness. Being a non-profit organization, it was important to make sure we got a dependable product without spending an exorbitant amount of money.” Read more


Latest Genesis PULSE Release Packed with New Features

Genesis PULSE 4.1

The Genesis Group is pleased to announce the release of PULSE 4.1, which brings many great enhancements to the product, as well as report enhancements and general usability enhancements.

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Local News Item Features Genesis PULSE

Video: KLTV Genesis PULSE storyTyler, TX: A KLTV news story featured Genesis PULSE (with Waze integration) and how it made a remarkable difference for a local EMS service right out of the box. An accident on I-20 reported by Waze users appeared on the emergency call center’s feed. Read more


Champion EMS Speaks Out on PULSE with Waze Integration

Our newest customer, Champion EMS, based in Longview, TX chose Genesis PULSE for its decision-support features for dispatch, its Replay and Reporting features for supervisory and administrative personnel, and the added benefits of our exclusive Waze integration. The value of the PULSE solution became immediately visible. Read more


Genesis PULSE Welcomes Champion EMS

Champion EMSGenesis PULSE welcomes Champion EMS of Longview, TX as a new customer. Champion EMS operates ground and air medical services across twelve counties in East Texas. Like many Genesis PULSE customers, Champion EMS was in search of an all-in-one solution to supplement their computer-aided dispatch software. They chose PULSE for its decision-support features for dispatch to the Replay and Reporting features for supervisory and administrative personnel and the added benefits of our exclusive Waze integration.
Genesis PULSE features


Genesis PULSE Mobile App Using New Waze SDK

Using Genesis PULSE™ with Waze integration, 911 call centers can easily pinpoint traffic events, such as construction, congestion or accidents. Using this data, dispatchers can send emergency units along faster routes, avoiding delays.

Today, Genesis is pleased to announce Genesis PULSE is launching a new in-vehicle mobile app with Waze integration. It provides first responders not only with current road conditions, but real-time, turn-by-turn navigation. All of the features of Waze and Genesis PULSE — combined in one powerful mobile interface.
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USA Today: Chad Richey on Improving Commuting Through Map Editing

Google’s amazing new self-driving cars may be the coming wave of the future, but sadly, they will not eliminate traffic issues. Fortunately, the Waze traffic app (owned by Google) is already on the front lines, fighting traffic one “Wazer” at a time. “Robots will still need to know the best route. We have a nice juicy role,” says Di-Ann Eisnor, vice president of platform and partnerships for Waze.

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Genesis PULSE at Google

Genesis at GoogleThis week, Genesis President Jim Nipp, Genesis CEO Phil Burks, and PULSE Product Manager Chad Richey have been at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California demonstrating how Genesis PULSE integrates with the Waze navigation app. Read more